Episode 15: Socratic Scribbling

In this episode, we go back 2,500 years to address a modern writing dilemma called “Blank Page Syndrome.” As a retired advertising man, Malachy Walsh had to write on demand for 30 years. In his new book Socratic Scribbling, Malachy reveals secrets he learned from Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Quintillion, Shakespeare, and other ancient philosophers that helped him face the blank page and make his mark in advertising.

Socrates becomes the model of dealing with the Blank Page Syndrome because of his question-and-answer method. This method empowers us to pick our own minds, for ideas we didn’t even realize were there. Tune in as I discuss the elements of Classical Rhetoric which have been honed, mastered, and imitated by the greatest writers and thinkers of Western Civilization.


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Episode 15