Episode 1 – A new podcast that gets you personally primed

Time is scarce and your attention is scattered. What if you could get quickly primed on a variety of interesting topics and go deeper later on if you wanted

That’s the point of “Primer,” my new podcast and website.

I was inspired to talk more personally about people, events, issues, books, etc. in a way that allows others to benefit from my brief summaries. The title came from that little part of ammunition that pays a big role in igniting gun powder and getting the bullet down range.

My vision is that people will gravitate toward nice, neat explanations that are all short and sweet. For me, it gives me ample opportunity to learn more, shrink it down and then share it. Since word of my books “BRIEF” and “NOISE” continue to spread, I thought that sharing those skills could create greater clarity in a pretty crazy world.

Bam! That’s the point. I hope you enjoy my first Primer podcast episode

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