Episode 6 – Personal prayer: great in theory, tough in reality

Consider how hard it would be to talk to someone if you couldn’t sensibly see or hear him. It would demand great imagination, patience and conviction.

That’s what mental prayer (or meditation) has been like for me throughout my life. I’ve been told repeatedly by people I trust how important and vital it is for me spiritually to talk with God personally every day, at a set time.

Knowing this is one thing and doing it quite different.

For many people, this daily practice is practically impossible given the daily rhythm of our busy lives: constant distractions, digital devices, anxiety and stress, unexpected disruptions and inherent difficulties this practice demands. Running from these moments seems the easiest option.

When writing the book “Noise” I realized that we would need to insert silence into our days intentionally to lower the volumes. By challenging myself to do this, I made some amazing discoveries.

Yes, these quiet moments, especially spent talking and listening to our creator, can be really hard yet fruitful, peaceful and restorative. Truly, it is the most valuable time of my busy day. In reality, there isn’t anything more important I can do to give me calm amidst the daily storms.

Bam! That’s my struggle with silent time in prayer. I hope you enjoy my sixth Primer podcast episode.

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